Justin Cook

After teaching at high schools in British Columbia and Toronto, Justin Cook returned to his alma mater, Hamilton District Christian High School in Hamilton, Ontario, where he serves as Head of the Languages Department. Justin loves learning, moments of epiphany breathed into the mundane. In his classes, he hopes to cultivate a communal “narrative intelligence and imagination” as a way to organize life for meaning. Previous student editors from his writing class say it this way: “In reading and writing, we discover our own voices, the voices of others, and of Love itself.”

Justin has served on the board of directors of the Ontario Christian School Teachers Association, facilitates an “Educators Helping Educators” group for secondary school English teachers in Ontario, and offers workshops in the teaching of English and the implementation of Restorative Justice in education.

In addition to teaching, Justin works with Shalem Mental Health Network to develop schools in Restorative Practices and to assist churches in conflict transformation.

At home, Justin and his wife Rachel (and their three beautiful children!) have been working at restoring a big old house in downtown Hamilton. They love living intentionally in their neighborhood: sharing a multi-unit house, practicing hospitality, buying and growing food locally, walking to church with their children, feasting with friends.

Justin attended Redeemer University College for his B.A. (Hon.), completed his education certification at Calvin College, and is currently an M.A. Philosophy in Education candidate at the Institute for Christian Studies in Toronto, Ontario.