Colonizing the Cosmos

The debut year for Colonizing the Cosmos, the indie-folk band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, can be summarized in this way:

Thirteen different pots of soup, eighteen inches of snow, a circus on a mountain featuring dragon wrestling, gorilla tossing and a magic show, a collaborative project with the Andy Warhol Museum, the summer solstice and a couple of movie trailers.

It all started on a snowy winter’s night, February 26, 2010, when Colonizing the Cosmos landed, armed with their fifteen-track concept album, “The First Frontier” playing to a capacity crowd of friends, family and intrigued first-time listeners. Thereafter, the band quickly gained the accolades of listeners, press and radio, all consistently noting the “other-worldly” nature of their dense tunes, catchy melodies, and clever, honest writing.

The band’s second release came in the form of a free download titled “Summer Solstice – a live EP” and was released to coincide with the summer solstice on June 21, 2010. The EP features four live tracks (including a cover of Madonna’s “Borderline”) recorded at the band’s February debut album release party.

Equally notable has been the band’s creative approach to restoring the art and community of live performance. Eschewing the standard “get-a-gig-in-a-club-and-hope-for-the-best philosophy”, the band instead opted to curate their own live performances under a different set of unique values, including unlikely venues, such as art museums, mountaintop city parks, and partnerships with other bands and organizations. In October the band connected with local band Meeting Of Important People to create two fake movie trailers starring the bands and friends. In June they partnered with the renowned Andy Warhol Museum and the Pittsburgh Promise (an organization that exists to benefit graduates of the Pittsburgh Public School system) to create unique band T-shirts, partial proceeds of which are invested in the Promise. These events, projects, and collaborations have been celebrated as a breath of fresh air from the music scene norm.

Having just been dubbed the “2010 Local Artist Of The Year” by 91.3FM WYEP, Colonizing the Cosmos now begins preparation for its second year and perhaps, it greatest work yet, set for release in early 2011.