Charles J. Schubert, M.D.

Charles J. Schubert, M.D.┬áis Professor of Clinical Pediatrics at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital in the Division of Pediatric Emergency Medicine. Dr. Schubert is also one of the founders and the Medical Director of Crossroad Health Center, a faith-based community health center located in one of Cincinnati’s poorest communities. He developed a continuity site there for pediatric residents with an aim to train providers to deliver quality compassionate care to this under-served population.

Dr. Schubert’s career has focused on delivering quality medical care to patients living in poverty, both in this country and in Africa. He completed a sabbatical in leadership development at a rural hospital in Zambia and he is presently directing the development of the Global Health Educational program at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.

His time in Africa has included a year-long stint at a mission hospital in rural Zambia, where he not only provided clinical care, but worked with staff in the area of leadership development. He continues to work to develop future leaders in the caring for patients living in poverty in his role as Associate Director of the pediatric residency program in Cincinnati.

Dr. Schubert is considered by his peers to be a Master Clinician, not only for his clinical skills, but also for his communication and listening skills. Whether he is teaching a patient about asthma, a student about how to take a history, working with a team to improve the health care they deliver to inner-city youth, or planning an immunization initiative, he is a master at doing it sensitively, effectively, with humility and with 150% effort.

He is the recipient of many awards, including the Martin Luther King, Jr. Humanitarian Award, Health Care Hero Award, Local Heroes Award from the American Academy of Pediatrics Council on Community Pediatrics, and has twice received the Division of Emergency Medicine Teaching Award.