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New York Times Best-Selling Author Donald Miller of A Million Miles in a Thousand Years on Bob Goff: “[I’ve] met the greatest real-life storyteller I will, perhaps, ever know, a person who has forever adjusted my moral compass and destroyed all the bridges leading back to common life. That person is Bob.”

Bob Goff is a highly influential attorney whose deep passion for justice led him to create Restore International, a nonprofit organization that endeavors to address atrocities and injustices throughout the world. With a passion and vision for finding audacious ways to restore justice to children and the poorest of the poor, Bob’s mission is to speak on behalf of those who do not otherwise have a voice. He often appears at various leadership and university events around the world, inspiring current and future influencers to get to the “do” part of life and faith.

With a team of dedicated people, Bob and Restore International have pursued justice for the needy. They have worked with Uganda’s judiciary in bringing to trial over 200 cases, including cases involving children who were languishing in jail without trial. In India, Restore has investigated and intervened to relieve minor girls from a life of forced prostitution, leading to the identification and arrest of over 50 perpetrators. Bob’s inspiration has been fueled by the friendships he has developed with others around the world who desire to pursue strategic ways to help people in need.

When he isn’t traveling to countries around the world through his work with Restore, Bob shares leadership in a Washington law firm, Goff & DeWalt, and is admitted to practice in California and in Washington, where his firm is located. He is an adjunct professor at Point Loma Nazarene University in San Diego as well as Pepperdine University Law School where he also serves as Chair of the Global Justice Program. He lives in San Diego, CA with his wife, “sweet Maria,” and their three children.

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